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Up On Rockfield

cover of Up On Rockfield

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released 2008

Vance Gilbert © 2008 Disismye Music ASCAP

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Hey there, Listener. I did all I could to have this come off as a concept album. All I wanted to do was write as if I was someone else. I was in no way out to imitate the various songwriters that I allude to in the notes before each song. I was more shooting for a sense or a "vibe" in the lyrics and music that was reminiscent, to my mind, of these various artists. Sometimes that sense was inadvertent, occurring to me when the song was half written. Other times I purposely tried to "write like that.." More than anything else, this stretch of "writing as someone else" has been one of the most inspirational and notebook-filling exercises I've done to myself since my days of writing children's theatre.