Ok, so I made this video before Christmas in response to Cee Lo's "F**k You" that makes big use of a puppet. See above. Go ahead, watch it. I'll wait.

Ok, you're back...Do you think that the idea for Cee Lo to have a full stage of Muppets accompany him during his Grammy Awards performance sprung totally from the brow of Zeus?

Really, of the millions of ideas in people's heads that night - Gaga emerging from an egg, Bruno Mars with his Jackie Wilson/JFK look - how happenstantial (yeah, I made that word up...Cee Lo will probably steal that too) could it have really have been to dress like the NBC Peacock (his idea) and sing with puppets?

Fine. Sing along:

"I see you stole my puppet
For your Grammy Awards show, well I'll
Forget the Lawsuit
If you link your site to my
Videoooo then I'll
Forget the Lawsuit...

I'd like to work with ya
I'd sure hate to hit cha
With a big court date
(Ain't that a summons!!)

If you admit that you're flying
With an idea that was mine, then I'll
Forget the Lawsuit (etc)..."

And why did so many of the rock groups sound like Soft Cell from the 80s?

And does being musically iconoclastic automatically give you a pass from vocal therapy and a good warm-up? Sheesh, Mr. Dylan!!

And did you know of or look up Esperanza Spalding? OMG. What a talent. Now THAT'S a New Artist.


Hot & Sour Good and Bad:

(****) whatever Chinese restaurant the folks at the Circle Of Friends Coffeehouse in Franklin, MA get their Chinese food from. Bravo

(----*) At a buffet in Athens, TN. If that's the soup, then what are you folks washing the dishes with?

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Welcome to my new site, and to rant #1!

Well, welcome to my new re-designed website. Thanks to Amy Malkoff, a fine singer in her own right, for her great moonlighting expertise in this venue. And welcome to the rant page.

I think it's great that a pop song, well sung, craftily constructed, with a clear lyric, laced with major chords, catchy, angry and big-hearted at the same time, should drop the F bomb as part of its "charm".  Free speech at its very best. And when Cee Lo or Gwyneth sing "Forget You" on the PG-rated radio or TV versions, it's as if we are all give permission to overdub our own F bomb while in the car or under our breath while raking leaves or paying bills in front of the TV. There. You feel better, too...Tell me you don't…

Check out my response to Cee Lo on this very page. I just recently finished crafting my answer called "Kiss My A$$", sung from the point of view of the guy who is indeed driving the girl downtown to Cee Lo and his whining-assed self. In the few days it’s been up on YouTube, it’s been viewed over 4000 times, so pass it on if you feel so moved!


Kudos to the kids that run the Cherrywood Lounge in Clementon, NJ. It's a real bar, and it is one of the best places to play on the planet, because it IS real neighborhood bar and not all Kuumbaa Yaah with cookies and Bigelow teas, bad plywood signs with old mandolin pieces hot-glued on, and not all upset with me because I did more than 10 minutes of comedy…No offense - well some, remember this is a rant. The highlight of my show there was a freestyle by me over “Rainy Night In Georgia”, about the true demise of the establishment in the coming weeks due to sale. I'm a storyteller. That's what we do. I don't have to drop the F bomb to do it, but I don't have to wear a collar and have an electric fence either. I really do like to make people laugh till they pee without the seven words. Sinbad is the king of that, having people at the Apollo rolling in the aisles. I was asked not to swear when I was on the road with George Carlin, by his management, as that was HIS domain. Welcome to the Company Store...more on that experience another time.

We will also be reviewing the best and worst hot & sour soup on the road - part of my diet of frequent Chinese food when traveling.  Till next time, treat each other reasonably well, -vg

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