Monday, August 31, 2020

7:30 PM

Vance'sMondayNightAcousticPajamaParty#25 Upcoming Album!*


Vance'sMondayNightAcousticPajamaParty#25 Upcoming Album Played Thru!*

OK, it’s all the new unrecorded tunes arranged in some sort of order that I could loosely call an album. This’ll be fun


When: Monday Nite, August 31st, 7:30PM EDT (“doors” open at 7 for community hang) -

Who gets 10%: - Found in Translation, located in Boston, Massachusetts, has a two-fold mission: To give low-income bilingual women an opportunity to achieve economic security through the use of their language skills. To reduce racial, ethnic, and linguistic disparities in health care by unleashing bilingual talent into the workforce

$$$: or or
a check to VanceFunder P.O. Box 17, Arlington, MA 02476 for this web-groovery.
Pay or not. It’s up to you. Let’s just stay connected.

This week’s pajamas: footy

Good Good Man - the CD - streaming all platforms, even get it from me…

Lawn Show: needs to be in my geographic area, State social distancing protocols vehemently adhered to, reasonable rates.

Coaching of songwriting, performance & voice, (SURE - BY SKYPE, FACETIME, OR ZOOM)
available upon request - Wednesdays are pretty full, Thursdays are kinda open.

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