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November Bits & Pieces

From the "I'm Just Saying" Files:

I just saw a commercial for an uber-violent World Of Warcraft video game where Chuck Norris not only stars in the game, but looks into the camera at commercial's end and says "I approve of this game".

Isn't this the same outspokenly Christian, philanthropic guy, and advocator of the use of Bible curriculum in the public schools? Am I the only one that sees the disconnect between his Christian beliefs and his promotion of a game that is all about hurting and maiming? I'm just saying...

No Leaves Left Behind:

As I ran this morning with the dogs, (yes, even with this bod - I run…though I look kinda like a toilet paper tube with stick figure arms and legs in shorts...) I saw leaf blowers and their operators, bags of leaves to be taken somewhere else to be dumped, and ultra leaf-free lawns. I know these folks, in a few months time, will mulch their yards with the oddest stuff, like bright red cedar shavings with nary a cedar in sight, or black chocolate bean hull stuff that makes your dog sick. Then they'll feed their lawns all kinds of toxic shit to get it lush. I want to holler into their front doors that that they threw out the best mulch and compost ever in those bags of leaves. Set the mower to mulch or throw on a mulch blade - $40 bucks and 10 minutes and far less expensive than Wilbur's Yard Service - and run that stuff over with the mower. I guess not. People are wrapped up in that old concept of the year round "green lawn". Careful how we use that word "green".

Sammiches on Friday:

Does grape jelly suffice for cranberry sauce when there is none of the latter available and there is a turkey sandwich to be made? And if there is cranberry sauce, is it a sin to used grape jelly because the cranberry sauce available is the kind with actual cranberries in it, and that just taste wrong on a sandwich. Am I in the minority if I add stuffing to my sandwich? I admit, it is making a bread sandwich out of bread...kinda brings the sandwich back to its roots. Am I in the real minority if I add gravy to the sandwich, even if the gravy has gelatinized just a little? Is that so wrong?

Happy Thanksgiving, or, as my native American family/friends would probably say (as I say to meself 1/4 - 1/2 of the time as per my blood heritage) "May this day of mourning be short". I just can't this year...I want a turkey sandwich soooo badly...

Black Friday:

Is there another name we could give this, like "Friday Of Color", or "Day of African American Shopping"? I'm feeling just a little offended. Maybe.