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Here's some thoughts from me this holiday season

~ Holiday Giving...Habitat For Humanity...I just give to them because I like what they do. I have friends who have worked for them and they are the real deal. I also occasionally give to Doctors Without Borders, however I was pretty aggravated with their lack of coverage of Katrina. Now, I know that they deal with all third world countries, and they wouldn't be in a position to help those in need in Louisiana, but I was not alone in my disgruntlement at them for not having a little disclaimer or note on their front page explaining that to John Q. Donator, even acknowledging that the good old US of A had a tragic event of epic proportion...I'll get over it

I also give to those solicitors that send me holiday cards for my use, refrigerator reminder pads, and return address labels. I do NOT give to organizations that send me a note in fake handwriting on fake yellow legal pad with fake signatures. My heart pumps pee for that fake personal touch.

~ Roscoe comes home today. 9 days in ICU, many thousands of dollars later, but he comes home. Thanks for your concern all. Whatever damage his liver may have suffered through this is to be seen, but one day at a time. 2 years or 12 we'll take. He's a good doggy. Best teacher of unconditional love I've known, ever. Where's your ball? Where is it? Git it!!... Gooo boooy...

~ Speaking of dogs, is it lame that I use the dogs' backs and shoulders to stand up after stretching on the front steps post run?

~ I was at Walgreens getting a prescription for Roscoe, and had this interchange with this deadpan, dry, and accented lady at the drug pick-up counter:

"Can I help you?"

"I'd like to pick up a prescription for my dog"

"Your dog name?"


"Last name?"

"Uh, Roscoe Gilbert.."

"Your dog address?"

"Umm, same as mine... right there..."

"You dog phone number?" (completely deadpan)

I give her my number

"Is that you dog work number or home?" (I am weeping with silent laughter…)


"Does your dog have AAA card?" (my legs are giving out)

"I don't know. I think his license might have lapsed..."

"He will save 4 dollar with AAA card..."

The whole line of people behind me are weeping with quiet laughter. I paid.

"Next" she said, with the wryest of smiles.

~ So I'm leaving this Walgreens, getting healing stuff for my dog, just had a gig the night before that i was re-running through my head realizing I had played the dickens out of a song I hadn't played in ages, feeling pretty good about meself and what I do, when I walk down an isle that has not one, but 2 varieties of Justin Bieber electric toothbrushes. Not just toothbrushes, - 2 varieties of electric toothbrushes.

Hey, don't get me wrong. The Bieber can sing his ass off, and if you don't believe me, go deep into YouTube and look up some videos of this kid at 9 and 10 singing stuff by Usher and JayZ while playing guitar. Yeah, I'm a fan, and anyone that studies singing is a fan too, whether they admit it or not.
Still, I live close to this drug store. Maybe they need someone to stock shelves 3rd shift.

~ Go to Google Maps. Punch in your address as the starting point. Put in Beijing, China as your destination. 1-90 west, 12,397 mi, 38 days, 20 hours. I particularly like the part that says "kayak across the Pacific Ocean" as direction # 46. Touche, Google. Back to work for me...