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Waiting for Gilligan

I watch the waves go in and out
Like some uncertain chore
I understand the habit as they
Break upon the shore
I keep this lonely vigil so
My heart won't break no more
I'm waiting for Gilligan

The days turn into week
And the weeks turn into years
And there's some that say I'm crazy
When they see me sitting here
Tell all who would commit me
That I know what committment is
I'm waiting for Gilligan

The short wave has been
Broken down for years
But I'm listening with much more
Than just my ears

I'm waiting for Gilligan

The Captain's kids are captains now
And most have come and gone
On motor boats and sailing ships
With cargoes of their own
My fingers cross with every ship
That makes the trip back home
I'm waiting for Gilligan

If practice makes for perfect
Well, I think I've got it down
After thirty years of waiting
For a man who's not around
If faith and hope were made of gold
Then I would wear that crown
I'm waiting for Gilligan

To look at me
The years may seem unkind
But there's just enough of me left
Not to mind

I'm waiting for Gilligan

I'm no prisoner to my passion
Any more than some of you
When I lay down I dream about
A love I know that's true
I know folks who laid side by side
For years and never knew
That they were stranded
Now, I want you to tell me
Somebody tell me
Who's on an island now?

I know he's out there somewhare
And if he don't come home to me
Then I'll go out to meet him
If they'd bury me at sea
Then we will be togther
And I'll no longer be
Waiting for Gilligan

You tell Ginger, Mrs Howe
And Maryann
I'll always burn the candle
For my man

I'm waiting for Gilligan


Vance - vocal, acoustic guitar
John Pondel - electric guitars
Jeremy Baum - Hammond B3, piano
Seth Meyers - acoustic bass
Stuart Stahr - drums