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We will always need each other...

Hi Everybody,
Up On Rockfield is out and available. I'm touring, teaching, writing, and as always, I'm doing what I can to get music out to you - live and otherwise. And we are in the midst of the hardest and most uncertain economic times since the Great Depression.  

How do I possibly justify trying to convince you to come to shows and purchase albums? Who'd have the gall? And what kind of half-witted businessperson would even attempt to encourage entertainment spending in times like these?

Well, here's what I figure. You, the fan, the consumer, are going to go out and do something. It may not be on as large a scale as what you did before, and you may not travel as far or stay over, but you'll get away from the job, the TV, and the computer, if but for a few hours, and you'll do something.

So the likes of me, Ellis Paul, Jeffrey Gaines, Red Molly, and our acoustic brethren end up being your entertainment value. And we're proud of that. One, maybe two, people on the stage telling our stories; sometimes telling yours, and not breaking your bank. We come to your towns, usually play where parking isn't an arm and a leg, and our ticket prices are way reasonable. There's usually cheap or often even free refreshments, no minimum, and you can buy a cd if you want to, or not.

It's been shown over and over again that entertainment takes a real hit in hard economic times. However this acoustic thing that we do seems to continue to thrive through the worst. I maintain an unshakable faith in all of us as we squeeze our George Washington's and head to our voting locations. You'll come to our shows because you need us and we need you.

Thanks for that,