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Angels, Castles, Covers - The New Album/ Carlin Has Gilbert

Goodbye Louise 7/19/2006

Dear All,

Louise went to sleep for the last time at 11:50 am today.

I am so much a better person for her having been here for the last 3 years.

Thanks to all of you for all of your support, prayers, and good thoughts.

And thanks, Louise.



There comes a time in a musician's career that tribute be paid to the material that originally inspired. ANGELS, CASTLES, COVERS is Vance's tip of the hat to the many songs that he's admired, loved, coveted, and covered over a 20 plus year career.

The album (to be released August 22, 2006) is a daring, brilliant mix of his and fan favorite "cover" songs. How many acoustic albums do you know have a version Al Green's I'm So Tired Of Being Alone with accordion and mandolin?  Sam Cooke's A Change Is Gonna Come and Jimi Hendrix's Castles Made Of Sand get classic vance Gilbert solo acoustic treatment. Motown is represented by the grooving Vance /Lori McKenna duet Aint Nothin' Like The Real Thing, a solo excursion of Aretha Franklin's hit Until You Come Back To Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do), and an inspirednd introspective reading of Stevie Wonder's Heaven Help Us All with vocal guest Tracy Grammar. Joni Mitchell's A Case Of You and Shawn Colvin's Cry Like An Angel, get lovingly recreated on this disc. Rainy Night In Georgia, Save The Last Dance For Me, and It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference finish this list of classics that are Vance's treasures and now ours as well


Touring with George Carlin is a blast. He's a genius, the crowds are fantastic, I'm a hit, there are limos and Learjets involved quite frequently, and I'm his opener for like 40 more dates into 2007, save for a few.
Gosh, I'm famous.

In my house.

When I'm home alone.

Peace and stuff,