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C'mon Winter, You Don't Scare Me....


Yeah, it's the New Year. Clean slates, diets, the gym....I'll remind you of all this in a few months!

I'm just about done writing all the songs  as I work towards a new album called "Sounds Like...". The concept goes like this:  all the tunes are written by me but sounding like they were penned by someone else. Brazen, maybe, but a fun and inspiring way to get new material to happen.

Who do I try to, uh, be? Here's a list of writers and co-writers that "join" me on this endeavor ( the list has expanded!!):

John Hiatt
Al Jarreau with Lynrd Skynrd
Bob Dylan
Bruce Springsteen
Garth Brooks
David Wilcox with help from Patty Griffin and Raffi
Van Morrison
Tom Waits
Thomas A. Dorsey
Richard Thompson.....

Come to a live show and see what's happening in my head ( help us all).

Until then, please be good to each other,