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Ok, so I made this video before Christmas in response to Cee Lo's "F**k You" that makes big use of a puppet. See above. Go ahead, watch it. I'll wait.

Ok, you're back...Do you think that the idea for Cee Lo to have a full stage of Muppets accompany him during his Grammy Awards performance sprung totally from the brow of Zeus?

Really, of the millions of ideas in people's heads that night - Gaga emerging from an egg, Bruno Mars with his Jackie Wilson/JFK look - how happenstantial (yeah, I made that word up...Cee Lo will probably steal that too) could it have really have been to dress like the NBC Peacock (his idea) and sing with puppets?

Fine. Sing along:

"I see you stole my puppet
For your Grammy Awards show, well I'll
Forget the Lawsuit
If you link your site to my
Videoooo then I'll
Forget the Lawsuit...

I'd like to work with ya
I'd sure hate to hit cha
With a big court date
(Ain't that a summons!!)

If you admit that you're flying
With an idea that was mine, then I'll
Forget the Lawsuit (etc)..."

And why did so many of the rock groups sound like Soft Cell from the 80s?

And does being musically iconoclastic automatically give you a pass from vocal therapy and a good warm-up? Sheesh, Mr. Dylan!!

And did you know of or look up Esperanza Spalding? OMG. What a talent. Now THAT'S a New Artist.


Hot & Sour Good and Bad:

(****) whatever Chinese restaurant the folks at the Circle Of Friends Coffeehouse in Franklin, MA get their Chinese food from. Bravo

(----*) At a buffet in Athens, TN. If that's the soup, then what are you folks washing the dishes with?