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A Room Somewhere — Artist: Vance Gilbert, Songwriter: David Goldfinger

Thumbing through these shoe-boxed letters

And photographs

Knowing its too late to cash in

These rainchecks on expired passion

So I sit right here

And bruise myself on souvenirs

Wondering if this junk I save

Will follow me to my grave or to

A room somewhere

Full of all the things I’d ever lost

All the things that I’ve forgotten

Every venture misbegotten

That cannot be redeemed

All my broken dreams

And you

Thinking back on moments

I shrugged aside

All the days I let slip past

Like I could flip the hourglass

Theres a castle in the air

Fallen into disrepair

An iron will that’s gone to rust

Neglected and collecting dust in


All the knickknacks bric a brac

Odds and ends

A stopwatch a spyglass

A jackknife a back stage pass

My sense of equilibrium

All the arguments I thought i’d won

Are standing side by side

With worn-out coats and alibis in



VANCE - vocals, acoustic guitar,

CRAIG AKIN - upright bass


JOE K. WALSH - mandolin