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Walk Slowly With Me — Vance Gilbert

Walk slowly with me (chorus)

Twelve years

Of twisting in the air

Ball catching

And landing like you

Never left the ground

Now theres no legs

To navigate these stairs

Stand behind be, kindly

Lift me going up

And going down


Our first night

So uncertain you and I

We werent ready

Until you looked up at the lights

Of an airplane - you tracked it clear across the sky

Until it disappeared, blinking, behind the Jurgensens house

I know where you are

Put a good word in for me

Where will I go

When Im done?

Well have to see

I will find you

Not even God can stop me

Yes, thats your ball

In the corner, by the chair

With my best arm

I will throw it over there

For a good boy

Almost home now

Walk slowly with me


VANCE - vocal, acoustic guitar

TOM HALLMAN - whistling