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Hand Back The Keys — Vance Gilbert

What made you think

That gas station sushi

Was the greatest idea

On the way to the airport?

Now I’m holding your hair

And you’ve ruined your shoes

And you’re late for the flight

That connects to Columbus

I can’t wait here with you

Got that old dog at home

She’s blind and half crazy

Don’t take kindly to strangers

But she surely liked you

And them peanut butter crackers

You slipped under the table

When you first came to visit

Her tail just a waggin’

I remember that day

Now you hand back the keys

And you’re going away

If I was a gay man

My troubles would be over

I’d just date your cousin

He’s a nice enough fellow

Damn that afternoon

When he introduced us

Your eyes just like magnets

Your laughter like church bells

We talked until sunup

Next thing I knew

We were hauling that mattress

That we bought together

From the roof of your car

Clear ‘cross the avenue

Scuffed up the edges

When it dragged on the sidewalk

Then up three flights of stairs

And to the end of the hall

Now you hand back the keys

Like that was nothing at all

Now you pat yourself down

In a big wide-eyed panic

All your ID and tickets

Phone and your passport

On top of the dresser

You just now remembered

So I take the next exit

And turn us around

And we’ll try this tomorrow

Or the next day I’m free

We’ll call up the airline

For a refund and see

If they’ll rebook that ticket

‘Til then you’ll need these


VANCE - vocals, acoustic guitar,

CRAIG AKIN - upright bass



JOE K. WALSH - mandolin

SAM MARGOLIS - tambourine

LORI MCKENNA - backing vocal