from Good Good Man

I’ll be 83 in August
Probably shouldn’t drive at night
Add to that this rain slicked road
Even in the cracked headlight it’s
Clearly just a fender bender
Sorry, I ran into you
Here’s a roll of hundred dollar bills
Pretty certain that’ll do

80 years will give you wrinkles
Wrinkles never hide the eyes
Eyes are always the giveaway
Even through the best disguise

Kid, you’ve got the kind of face
Like I could tell you anything
Been a long time ‘tween confessions
And the peace that would bring
A good hitman learns to hide the powder burns
Pull a trigger in a glove
Use another name forever
To take care of the ones he loves

I’ve been coaching Little League
I know all the children’s names
And there’s nothing like my tulip garden
Or my toy electric trains
Then there was the Englewood shoot-out
We all scattered with the wind
Like petals from a late-spring dogwood
Never to be seen again

That was back in ’67
You’d think I’d settle far away
I keep a close eye on this city
Cause this is where my Yankees play


Someone always has an axe to grind
Some kid I’ve never seen before
Some son of a job I’d done
Some kid out to even the score
Maybe I’m a kitchen whisper
When his mamma’s in her gin
Maybe number 1 on his hit list
My good fortune running thin

You seem to be a nice young fellow
And I know it’s getting late
No need to trouble 911
I’ve memorized your license plate



Bass- Craig Akin
Electric guitar- Tommy Malone
Guitar, vocals- Vance

updated: 2 months ago