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Garden In Winter — Vance Gilbert © 2014 Disismye Music ASCAP

I could be like Martin Luther
Nail the reasons to your door
You’re a garden in the winter
Beauty there beneath the snow

I believe in you
When you don’t
That’s what I’m living for

I’ve been living like a gunman
Sleep come hard, I walk the floor
Now, I’m running low on favor
Beg the Lord for just one more

I believe in Him
Just this one time
That’s what I’m living for

We had one more job in Revendon
Cakewalk, you just take it, up and go
Payroll man produced a pistol
What possessed him, I don’t know
I could be like Galileo
Tell the whole world that you’re the sun
Only good revolves around you.
You’re the one and only one

One more look at you
Before I go
That’s what I’m living for


VG - vocal, guitar