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December 3rd — Vance Gilbert © 2014 Disismye Music ASCAP

Hey Lucy,
All the prep school guys you dated
Left your once keen edge serrated
But you left them in your wake
On December 3rd
When you chose to lose your polish
Leave the debutantes astonished
Back at home on Christmas break

You kissed me
Like I was some other species
Like you were working on your thesis
For experience’s sake
Do you remember
Blowing smoke rings at the ceiling
While the campus bells were pealing
For the love that we just made?


What do you tell your children curious
For the straight story of your first love
What makes their father oh so furious
Whenever the topic rolls around
They’re coming of age, he’s coming apart
You’re coming to terms
But where do you start?
Mamma’s distracted,
She don’t hear a word
This always happens December 3rd

Hey Lucy,
There’s your daddy’s big donation
And his sterling reputation
As an alma mater’s kin
Across a nameplate
On the wall of the dormitory
Where you told me your life story like
A page from Gone With The Wind

You kissed me
Ah but what would daddy say?
I could pass for his valet
What would all the neighbors think?
Do you remember
We made love beyond our stations
It’s just not dinner conversation
Kids, take your dishes to the sink


She’s locked in the bath, he can’t understand
He begs thru the door, he throws up his hands
The kids all get it...
It’s clearly marked on the calendar downstairs


VG - vocal, guitar