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Sweet Potato Dove — Vance Gilbert © 2014 Disismye Music ASCAP

Armadillo lap dance
Purple Bossa Nova
Pugilistic mudflap
Crocodile fur
Hundred-fifty megabyte
Mausoleum jumprope
Teriyaki rocket ship
Doppleganger lollipop

Butterfly smokestack
Duesenberg cactus
Ape suit grapefruit
Jacque Cousteau
Snake with a pocket watch
Top hat and gloves...
Sweet Potato Dove

       Rickshaw toilet seat
       Purgatory meet and greet
       Poundcake podiatrist
       Nematode psoriasis
       Watermelon catfish
       Chocolate egg foo young

Maserati Bigfoot
Bubblegum piccolo
Swiss cheese and jelly
On Chinese food
Devil down below
And the lawd in Heaven above
Get together... have lunch
Sweet Potato Dove
Papilloma jackboot

      Silicon gravy
      Nervous wind-up airplane
      Peanut butter carburetor
      Double-breasted Death Star
      Rainbow over easy
      If you dig what I mean

Train around a track
You let yourself go
You might get yourself back
Fifty words or less
Tell me who do you love?
Sweet Potato Dove


VG - vocal, electric guitar
Grace Kelly - alto sax