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You Can Go Now

You can go now
And I won't try to stop you this time
I won't make a sound
If I can help it

You can go now
I will not celebrate this leaving with a song
There'll be no convincing lines
Cause you've made up both of our minds

I only wrote this down
To get it from my pen
To put it on the page
To not be seen again
To close the book for good
A match brought to one end
It's going up in smoke
Going, going, gone
Just like you know how
You can go now

You can go now
East or west or north or south it seems
The older I get, the more that going is just gone
And there's really nothing inbetween

You can go now
There was once upon a time
I would get some mileage from your leaving
Now it doesn't seem to matter anymore

Take your china doll
With her folded paper heart
Before you place her gently
On the back seat of your car
Brush away the treasures
You never learned to hold
We'll wave one last goodbye
The fool and his fool's gold
And still the last to know
You can go now


Tom West/ piano
Mike Rivard/ bass
Lorne Entress/ drums