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Its the ache in your arm
When you reach high above you
Its the crack in your voice
On a tune you routinely sing
Its your song of survival
That at first may be hard to hear
But you bless its arrival
And the peace that it brings

The shining of the sun
Is so much sweeter when you have to
Dance around whats in the way
Of your brighter day

Its the things that you wished youd said
That you just had to swallow
Now they make you feel hollow
Down to your core
For each opportunity
Therell be somebody new who needs
A vacation from sorrow
Heres your chance to even the score

Mistrust any fool
Whod just hand it to you
Run quickly if they smile and they say
Heres your brighter day

Your brighter day
When youre intimidated
Your brighter day
When you feel old and faded
Your brighter day
Go get illuminated
Go on - take it

Now the truth is a wicked thing
And it may leave you broken
To twist in the wind
Like a shirt on a line
It will change you forever
And just when youve had enough
And you cry up to heaven
For what seems your last time

May the clouds rearrange
In your stratosphere
And quietly step out of the way
Of your brighter day


VG  Vocal,  guitar