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Ive Got A Plane

Ive got a plane and I
Dont plan to land it
Dont get me wrong
Its not what youre thinking
Theres a hundred-ten people aboard
And we all agree
We aint coming down
Until there is peace

Ive got a friend
Hes quite the mechanic
He fixed up the engines
So theyre powered by hate
Thats plenty of fuel
Its simple mathematics
Its a sad guarantee
Well be up here quite late

Pilot to tower
Tell all your friends
Well start our descent
When the fighting all ends
When everyones huggin
Their sister and brother
And they sing hallelue
And we run out of fuel

Were coming in low
Well do it twice nightly
Well rev up the engines
And rattle your shingles

Your satellite dish
Will spin like a dervish
Disrupt your service
And youll miss the game  


Ive got a plane
I dont plan to land it
I got half a mind
To head for the sun
If thats what it takes
To get your attention
If that makes you nervous
Then my job is done



Tom West/ piano
Mike Rivard/ bass
Lorne Entress/ drums
Duke Levine/ lap steel guitar
VG/ vocal, acoustic guitar