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That's what the daylight will say
When the night has had it's way with us
Gone from the garden forever
Now it's shame on us

I get to go home
And wait by the phone
For you to call
You get to go home
And tell a lie
And hope your eyes don't give away
What you've done
That's unforgivable

Time will help sweep this moment
Into the back of your mind
Who will be first to admit
That we committed this crime

Will the warm summer breeze
Make this moment that much
Easier to tell
Will the first leaves of fall say it all
Long before we are done
That's unforgivable

In the eyes of some
That will never understand
Though it weighs on my mind
Until the next time
I'll find life liveable
As long as I can do the unforgiveable
With you


Tom West/ piano
Mike Rivard/ bass
Lorne Entress/ drums
John McGann/ mandolin
VG/ vocal, acoustic guitar