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Lie To Me

Lie to me
Tell me what I want
And never what I need to hear
Whisper everything
But the truth in my ear
Lie to me

I can hear you talking
In your sleep
And I know that I'm
Not your only one
But I've got this fantasy to keep
So when you leave with the morning sun
Make sure that you
Lie to me

I've had my fill of living
In this real world
Day after crazy day
So how can you blame me for believing
Our love is here to stay
Lie to me

All my friends tell me
That I'm a fool
And I know that I should
Listen to what they say
But they don't get to hear what I hear
When you whisper to me that way
Go on and lie to me

Don't you worry about these lips
They'll remember our last kiss
And never mind this heart
And all it's broken little parts
And what's a couple of tears
When I can make believe it's rain
From a sympathetic sky
You just go on and lie


Tom West/organ
All About Buford:
Amy Malkoff
Taunai Solderquist
Ben Johnson
Shah Salmi/ bk vocals