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Leaving Avon

I'm leaving Avon forever
I'm leaving Avon forever
I'm leaving Avon forever
and it's through no choice of mine

There's a woman down in Avon
Got a husband gunning for me
'Cause she sits staring out the window
And jumps for the phone when it rings

And the preacher down in Avon
Wrote and angry letter to me
He said I won't be invited back
He never bothered quoting Scripture
I guess he didn't want to waste it
Now that just don't sound like the Jesus
He preached about on Sunday
So I'm leaving


It's a good thing that it's Sunday
It's a good thing that it's Sunday
It hallows this departure
And the only ones to witness

Are the widows and the veterans
On their porches and verandas
Just sitting and rocking
Rocking and remembering
And I guess that it's a blessing
That they don't come to the railings
And ask me where I'm gonig
I would have to give a reason


So long to the peachtrees
In the rolling golden meadows
On the southside of this town
All the fruit will be indifferent
To whether I'm there or not
Come picking time

Farewell to the children
That play hide and seek
Beneath the clothes lines
Through these back yards
There's one here
With a twinkle in her eye
I swear she might be mine

As I pass by St Alicias
All the nuns look very busy
And the only one to notice
Makes the cross upon her forehead
And my bad won't make me weary
Cause it isn't very heavy
My best is left behind me
It's a ten-buck pawn show legacy

It's a blushing bride sunset
So I head for that horizon
And if west is my direction
It's a good a way as any
For leaving Avon


Tom West/ piano
Mike Rivard/ bass
Lorne Entress/ drums, percussion
Duke Levine/ electric guitar
Tom Eaton/ accordion, tambourine
John McGann/ mandolin
Amy Malkoff/ bk vocal
Taunia Soderquist/ bk vocal
Susan Levine/ bk vocal
VG/ vocal, bk vocal, acoustic guitar