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The whole loving an enemy thing is some hard stuff, isn’t it?. Bible, Quran, Torah, Buddhist teachings, your neighbor on a daily Humanist basis, atheists looking clear-eyed at peace - all these people’s texts and sensibilities at some point address loving a neighbor, and seriously, what is an enemy but a neighbor with whom you will battle with over resources?

And yes, love is a resource.

Even our worst enemies, the ones seemingly most unworthy of forgiveness and most unrepentant, have clearly lacked something. That doesn’t mean they are beyond punishment. Doesn’t mean they are beyond forgiveness either. Yeah, I said it.

You too have thought some bad shid. Sure, you never acted upon it and they did. But after war, once they are punished, vanquished, hobbled, and they and their like are eradicated or taught a lesson, if you had that one defining lesson to teach your enemy’s children, what would that last lesson be? Because these are your kids now too.

Look at the lines we have drawn. On social media. At Thanksgiving. Across the back fence. We have fought, canceled, cussed out, disagreed with, ignored, written out of our wills, stopped calling, let wither, unfriended, blocked so many others in our lives, believing dialogue is gone. Believing love is gone. Fortunately love has always had a bigger ass than you will ever have pants have for.

At the end of the day, and once you win, what do you have left if you don’t make a place for the now spent shrapnel and ash of will, fear, and protection to land? Now what? You’d better be ready to love.