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Dear Jay,

You were torment as a neighbor. When you lived here you admitted being diagnosed OCD, yet you mowed our lawn, publicly criticized our clothesline, sent certified letters about trash cans (gardening cans...) out early/late. You dumped and spread dirt on our lawn. You even said our yard wasn’t our yard to the police, we had to call to check your aggression, police who surreptitiously exclaimed to us with a head-shake later, ”Man, you’ve got a handful here- good luck”.

That aggression was classist, racist, sexist, but in the final analysis just sick. Thanks, I guess, as I got 2 albums out of it. You’re forgiven.

You had the ear of (trashed us to) a few around the neighborhood. Maybe even some reading this post. Some we have a fine relation with. Some couldn’t even look us in the eye at a neighbor’s funeral. I don’t care. They don’t know the truth, and the truth rules the day. They can ask.

You moved. You claimed we were the cause. You now live in the richest town in America. I don’t think we caused that.

We just found the letters. We said peace prayers & started our grill with them. You’re truly forgiven. Peace to your family, kids.

Man, finding peace is hardest in the face of that which is supremely oppressive, and that’s why this post.
This post is not because of a decade long ax to grind. This post is in hope that someone else reading it can find strength to parry, counter, and institute oppression’s fall without hubris, and more importantly, make peace with themselves via their grill.

Xo, and peace.