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~ Last night I sliced and lightly fried cucumbers. Yes I did. Lightly battered. Light oil. Batter was gluten free flour, one egg, salt, garlic powder. All that was missing was the little triangle pieces of bread, little floral plates, and some old southern white ladies on an afternoon porch somewhere in "To Kill A Mockingbird”.

~ While I was cooking I was listening to Joni Mitchell’s "For The Roses" album. I swear I thought I heard a Joni Mitchell line in a song about “Just when they got religion right, out came the bolts, beams, and nails” or something to that effect. And now I can’t find that lyric anywhere. Gosh, I wish I’d written that. And now I’m wondering if I did...Oh man, being over 60 is a blast...?

~ I draw this line in my model airplane hobby that I won’t build models of planes of war because of what they are used for. But I’m a historian, and I know a few things. Like how many totally peaceful civilian airplanes brought people to and from places for the deadliest of colonizations, like the Belgian Congo. Or the ex-Nazi science that gave us so much of today’s air and space advancement. And to flip that coin, there’s those interesting warplanes that never made it past the prototype stage as they were so ridiculous and ineffective in design that maybe they should be historically examined and modeled because they are examples of how silly we all are.

~ All my COVID masks are aviation themed.

~ I live on a hill. All my jogs end with a hill. So why can’t I be I built like Meb Keflezighi? I mean he runs further, but I mean c’mon...

~ A lot of these writing things you see from me are all about me avoiding running.