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Boy On A Train — Vance Gilbert © 2011 Disismye Music ASCAP

I take the train downtown every day
You get on first and market
None of my business
But you shouldn’t have to ride
Someone who cares enough
To drive you
That’s what I’d say
But I’m just a boy on a train

Sometimes I’m lost in the clickety clack
Houses slip by my window
One could be mine
You could be waiting there
I could be covered
In your kisses
Like crazy rain
But I’m just a boy on a train

Every so often
You carry a light-green bag
Once on a Thursday
You smiled at me
Then we’d have coffee
Then we’d have children
Then we have Main Street
Thank you conductor
For your kindly warning
That the doors have closed

I missed my stop and I’m late again
Soon to be reprimanded
And if I’m fired
I’ll ever so kindly reply
“Do what you must,
For I’m resilient
For I’ve seen a face
So shining and brilliant
That I’ve been a king
If just for one moment

One moment of fame
For a boy on a train


Vance - guitar, vocal