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You Should Be Here — Vance Gilbert © 2011 Disismye Music ASCAP

Trees bend and lean
When the cold wind blows
Power lines sag
With the weight of the snow
Storms gonna come
Storms are gonna go
You should be here

I’ve got the covers
Pulled up to my chin
Left you a key
So you can let yourself in
Ill be your respite
From the bitter winter wind
You should be here

Spring blossoms hide beneath the frost
Summer seems so far away
But with you in my bed
I’ll be warm toe to head
No need for a sunny day

I hear the cars
Go by in the rain
Their headlights dance
On my window pane
I’d give anything
Just to see you again
You should be here


Vance - vocals, nylon string guitar, whistling

updated: 11 years ago