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Dragonfly Wings — Vance Gilbert © 2011 Disismye Music ASCAP

I know where you’re going
And why you’re on the wing
You left behind a green-eyed girl
And she still sings about you
You were her whole world
You were her everything
You made a promise that she’d never
Have to live without you

The timing of your return
Couldn’t be more tragic
She’s got a practical heart now
She don’t go in for magic


   Do you believe that you’re the king
   Of everything
   With your dragonfly wings
   Of all the miles and miles of sky
   That could have been
   And this is where they bring you

Hum your breezy lullaby
You watch her take a lover
What did you expect, for her to
Stay your human host?
Comes a time you’ll have to find
Another place to hover
Or did you forget she never
Did believe in ghost?

She believes in fields of green
And other places you’ve been seen
She’ll let you go where the rivers flow
Now you should do the same

(chorus, then bridge)

You and your familiar
Rulers of your corner of the sky
And when the whole thing comes undone
You just couldn’t play nice
Now she’s the one who pays the price

Iridescent memory
Summer evening sun
Have a little mercy
On the newly unloved
For if she sees you on the wing
She never will be done
And this broken-hearted second chance
Is better than none

She’s sure to recognize you
As you sweep in for your thrill
Go spread your fascination
To the children on the hill



Tom Eaton - keyboards, percussion
Lorne Entress - drums
Richard Gates - bass, solo
Vance - guitar, percussion