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My Bad — Vance Gilbert © 2011 Disismye Music ASCAP

My bad
I guess this ain't my house
My bad
That’s not my bed, she’s not my spouse
Dude, I don’t blame you for being mad
My bad.

My bad
Cut a homeboy some slack
My bad
I know tappin’ that was whack
But your wife is still grinning
She seem so glad
Still, it’s my bad

Can’t keep my mitts off your mamma
Oh, that biddy’s bootie’s beacoup fly
She got junk in her trunk
And I like big butts and I cannot lie
My bad

Can’t keep my paws off your princess
I won’t leave miss thanng alone
The way she look is way off the hook
Particularly when you ain’t home

My bad
I never ran so fast
My bad
You popped a cap in my ass
Oh snap
Oh no you dihint
My bad


Vance - vocal, guitar
Lorne Entress - drums
Richard Gates - bass
Billy Novick - tenor sax

updated: 11 years ago