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Helpless Man — Vance Gilbert © 2011 Disismye Music ASCAP

There’s a yoke ‘round your shoulders
A ring in your nose
You’re gone with the wind
Wherever it goes
Helpless man

You were once celebrated
For seeking your thrills
Now you’re strapped to life’s gurney
And you’re cheeking your pills
Helpless man

As you scroll down your list
Of the girls that you’ve kissed
And it reads like a dimestore novella
Now you’re older than dirt
And how that’s got to hurt
That your best days are now in the cellar

Oh you get so offended
With your chest all distended
But the rest of you
Has forgotten how to fight
Helpless man

Don’t sweat your arrival
In heaven sporting a halo
That’s broken and bruised
Helpless man

God loves the story
Of a good fall from grace
Cause on Sunday it helps
Fill the pews
Helpless man

You were once so athletic
Now you seem so pathetic
With your gut hanging over your belt
You hold card number one of
The club you made fun of
Now you know how the rest of us felt

Oh you flew through your youth
Now you’re long in the tooth
As the wax in your wings starts to melt
Helpless man

Now you’re trapped in the suburbs
With a lawn that needs mowing
It’s your Sisyphus stone
Got a Hydra head going
And you’re pulling up weeds
That just never stop growing
Mother Nature is laughing
‘Cause your butt crack is showing

You can rant you can rage
You can rattle your cage
But you can’t turn a page by yourself  
Helpless man


Vance  - guitar, vocal
Lorne Entress - drums
Richard Gates - bass
Billy Novick - soprano sax

updated: 9 years ago