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Come Here My Love — Vance Gilbert © 2011 Disismye Music ASCAP

Come here my love
Sit by my side
I’m in need of your company

And the sun’s gonna do what the sun will do
All that rise and fall
And the moon takes the second shift
They swap places in the sky
Today, tonight many times
For all times

Come here my love
And take my hand
Let me walk you down Rockfield way

Where the children chalk our names in the blacktop
How much more famous do we need to be?
They dance giggle and blush
Go on now, I hear your momma call
And my eyes linger too long on your face
It’s like staring at the sun
And you see a good in me
The world don’t seem to recall

So, come here, come here, my love
Sit by my side
For all time


Vance - vocal, electric guitar