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Vance Gilbert’s Monday Night Acoustic Pajama Party #13 No Agenda Nite


Hi Vance Fans & Friends,

WHAT: Vance Gilbert’s Monday Night Acoustic Pajama Party #13 No Agenda Nite - Just Tunes For You


When: Monday nite, June 8, 7:30 EDT

I'm just going to sing. Maybe even some requests. But yeah, singing. Singing is good.

"There can be no equal justice where the kind of trial a man gets depends on the amount of money he has.”
-U.S. Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black, 1964

The Massachusetts Bail Fund pays up to $500 bail ($2000 in selected counties) so that low-income people can stay free while they work towards resolving their cases, allowing individuals, families, and communities to stay productive, together, and stable. Massachusetts jails are filled with people awaiting trial simply because they cannot afford bail. Bail leads to longer incarcerations times, lost jobs, lost housing, and devastated families.

Money: or or
send a check to VanceFunder P.O. Box 17, Arlington, MA 02476 for this web-based groovery.
Pay or not. It’s up to you. Let’s just stay connected.

This week’s pajamas. Airplane-themed t-shirt , either with Tuskegee Airmen or Bessie Coleman as the subject material. Definitely shorts, weather dependent... Hey, people want to know...

Good Good Man - the CD - streaming all platforms, even get it from me...


Monday nite’s singing will have no theme or agenda. And note that I don’t do much political stuff here because It’s a great way to clear the mailing list. But here’s an observation that I hope gives you a little insight as to who I am, a sense of resource, and some peace.

Many folks are saying that Black people shouldn’t be burdened by what White people need to learn regarding the diametric cousins- being complicit or woke. I say it’s fine to ask your Black friend(s) what they think, fine to check on them, with them, fine to engage. Thanks to all of you who did that. I am tired, but I am not burdened. There is a difference.

Some see Black people as fatigued with teaching what privileged folks should already know. I say there’s no better source. Sure, do your reading. Do the homework. And no, I can’t actually answer but maybe 33% of your questions with any certainty, and maybe 1/2 of them armed with only experience. But I’d rather you ask for what you need from your Black friends rather than not ask at all.

And yes, Black Lives Matter. Not more, not less, not compared to other lives. But for however long it needs to be in all caps, italics, underlined, today in your mind, tomorrow in your children’s minds, Black Lives Matter.

Oh, and while I have you, there *is* one subject most tiring to Black people to have to discuss and, God forbid, defend. Looters loot, protesters protest. There’s a difference. Figure this one out for yourselves.

And thanks for caring.