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Vance Gilbert - Midwest Shows and some observations

Hi VanceFriendFans.

And now It’s Monday Musetime. These aren’t complaints, per se. They can be more correctly categorized in the sub heading:


1) How does Facebook know what of your responses to anything I write is “most relevant”? They need to mind they Russian-ad-supporting-ass business..

2) Hey Arlington MA DPW…when the thermometer reads 35 degrees over night, and everyone even remotely near a weather report knows it’s going up to 45 the next day, is it really necessary to coat the roads with salt? Why must my town look like a friggin' margarita? Are you expecting it to rain worms and limes? Even the squirrels are complaining of high blood pressure. That’s not even considering what that stuff does to the environment, ferrouscyanide in it to keep it from caking not withstanding. My dog’s paws thank you.

3) Speaking of, do people have to laugh at my dogs purple booties because of [see #2]? Dogs sweat and temp control with the pads of their feet. You try that with your armpits covered in salt...

4) Why must Weather Channel have as one of its main categories “Feels like XX degrees”? Just tell me the temperature already.

5) “Breathing is very good in your area” is another gem. Thanks! I’d hate to have to run across town to Cambridge each time I needed to take a breath.

6) “No good running weather this week” gets me too. Says you? My waistline tells me that I bundle up after seeing #2, reading #4, and #5, and then donning #3,

7) Yes I wear shorts if it’s above freezing outside. So? Doing so makes me feel so freed form the dark, cold, conventions of winte…..oh, never mind. I’m just saying.


Here’s my show schedule this weekend:

3/15 - Fri, Cedar Rapids, IA -
3/16 - Sat, Chicago, IL - FolkStage
3/17 - Sun, Madison WI - Email if interested in coming
3/23 - Minneapolis MN - Pantages Theatre w/Paul Reiser

Yep, coaching stuff, private parties, pill box filling, just contact me

Donations to the new album that gets your name on the cover, yes that album that’s getting mixed as we speak can happen too. Go to for details on how to do that.

xo, peace, and be nice to one another