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Vance Gilbert Tore-ing NY, IA, IL, WI, NH, MN. He Get's Around...

Hi VanceFanz!

It’s coming near the end of History Of Negroes Of Color Month, and there’s always a plethora of work for me the month after. Thanks for the Acoustic Reparations. Pennywhistle Payback. Folk Restitution. Kumbaya Compensation. OK, that’s silly. But duh, what else did you expect from me?

This mailer finds us smack between Valentine’s Day and St Patricks Day. Maybe I’ll work up a mash-up of My Funny Valentine and Danny Boy. Whoa. My creative juices just tapped me on the shoulder saying “whaaa…?"

Here’s my giggings:

3/2 - Saturday, Oswego NY -
3/3 - Sunday, Ithaca NY - - This show is free!! And it’s live radio! It’s a multimedia extravaganza!!
3/15 - Friday, Cedar Rapids, IA - I love this midwest home of mine!!
3/16 - Chicago, IL - FolkStage
3/17 - Madison WI - Email if interested in coming
3/22 - Dover NH - Red & Shorty's
3/23 - Minneapolis MN - Pantages Theatre w/Paul Reiser

ALBUM - We start mixing this week. OMG I’m so happy with and daunted by what we have to work with. Look at this crazy famous list of musicians with the oh so questionable taste to be on this album:

Mike Posner (alt rock hit maker)
Aine Minough (Celtic Queen)
Chris Smither (writer of Bonnie Raitt hits and stalwart bluesman)
Tommy Malone (of the subdudes)
Craig Akin (Bass for Red Molly)
Marco Giovino (drums for tons of folks)
Stacey Wade (Al Green’s organist)
Herb Gardner (Abbie of Red Molly’s dad)
Brad Hatfield (Boston Pops, Aretha Franklin)
Me (hahahahaha!!)

and more…

Donate to the cause? Sure, you still can. Everyone that donates gets their name on the album. $5. $5,000. I don’t care. Your name goes on it. My art director hates me for this. I don’t care. I’m over 35K as we speak, and the album so far is an R&B Celtic Country Folk tour de force and it needs a really sympathetic publicist at the helm, and they cost pretty good they do. So sure, I’m still accepting your artistic support: or
Vancefunder, P.O. Box 17,
Arlington, MA 02476

Once I’m mixed I’ll let you preview a bit of it. You’re gonna flip. You’ll be all dancing around “Well, *that’s* not folk music…” Then the next track will be all acoustic folk with harps and pennywhistle and stuff and you be all….you’ll think I’ve just lost it. That’s just fine with me. Then there’ll be a track with trombone. String sections. This album will have its own ADD. And I couldn’t be more proud.

It’s all glued together by me. I’ve never sung or written better. Hence the other reason to shop for a high-falutin’ publicist. I think this one is *it*. I think, even at 60, that this thing will have some legs.

And yeah, like you see above, I do private shows. I coach too - singing, writing, performance. And I build scale model planes - sure I’d do that on spec, but that’s waaaaay expensive and I bet you can’t afford it.

I do lots of stuff. Come see me do some. And be nice to each other. It’s all anything is about..