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NYC Area - Vance at the Turning Point Saturday 12/8/18

Hi VanceFanFriends,

Here’s where I am this weekend:

Saturday 12/8 - Piermont, NY

..then a few weeks later I’m in Florida - (sorry if that’s bragging…)
12/20 - St. Augustine, FL -
12/21 - Tampa, FL -

Here’s where I am with the new album:

~ Mike Posner my famous rock and roll friend (namedrop much??) did a background vocal on Flyby that is haunting.

~ Chris Smither played guitar on a tune last week that is just tremendous!!
Here he is warming up:

~ Craig Akin (bass for Red Molly) added bass to 6 tunes make this thing come alive with bottom. Thanks Craig...

~ I’m about fully funded for the New Album. Thanks seems woefully inept for the faith you’ve put into me and what I do...Still wanna be on board? I’ll be pitching for money for promo and VIDEO (yep - necessary 21st century stuff) too… Here’s how to get on the bandwagon: for PayPal
Vancefunder, P.O. Box 17, Arlington, MA 02474


***Now I get to ask you for a few HiveMind favors promotionally:

1) I need someone versatile and experienced at it to update my Wikipedia entry. Any takers?

2) Video. I need a videographer cheap as all possible. If this album is going to be next-big-step with my best tunes since Goodbye Pluto & Unfamiliar Moon - fully produced "radio ready" tunes like Good, Good Man and Pie & Whiskey, I need video. Cool, white suit. Back-up singers, roadside musing with old trucks - all that cool stuff. Fledgling videographer folks want a shot?

3) I have dates open for private holiday parties. Just ask Johanna (12/16), Ron (12/22), and Todd (12/23). You?

4) Can we all please live up to the Peace On Earth thingy? I thought I'd throw that here because I knew you were paying attention.

I’m coaching too.

best to you, vg