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Vancefan - Last MA Show of the Year!!

Hey VanceFansFriends-
A special HI you folks that are freshly minted on my mailing list after my opening for Aaron Neville at the Bull Run In Shirley MA - well I’ll be there for my own show this Saturday November 3rd!!!

It’s my last Boston radius show of the year...
If you aren’t in the area, do me a fav and call someone who is...

Also, I’m about 7/8ths towards my album fundraising goal!!
I have no words for your generosity so far. Just thanks. There are about 6-7 executive producers now. No one yet has taken me up on the 5-10K donation to record the tune of their choice. That’s for real.
That said, You can help here still:

PO Box 17
Arlington NA 02474
PayPal to :

More details -, but yeah any amount- $1 to $10,000 gets your name on the CD and the credits.

Where’s your money going? I just hired Brad Hatfield to write some string arrangements for a few tunes- omg it’s going to be so schmotzky and old R&B groovy at the same time - you just wait!!

And I’ve started talking to some music promo folks that are ‘spensive but could take this release maybe a bit past my previous ones in exposure. These songs deserve it more than any others I have ever written.

Just back from some intimate but enthusiastic shows in Dallas, OK City, and Tulsa.

Sound checking in Oklahoma City and I’m sound checking with Rainy Night In Georgia as it’s the only thing that my late day pre show voice will take for that moment. I ask Greg Johnson owner of the Blue Door if Tony Joe White’s ever played here. He replies he couldn’t get him. Keeps talking in the past tense. I say, “Greg why you keep talking about him past tense- he’s in Nashville!”
Tony Joe White died the day before.
Sure I’m a little spooked...
I’ll dedicated the rest of my sets this stretch to his memory.

The lady below, came up to me after the Dallas show and proclaimed “my name is Emily, and I have to tell you that I haven’t had this much fun at a musical event since I was 15 - when I saw Elvis live!! I just luuuuuv what you do...”

Me too, Emily - me too...

And nowadays- don’t let the seemingly violent, hateful recentness get to you. Let’s be better. We are that. We’ve got a lot of teaching to do about decency. I know I do. And will.

Coaching, private shows and parties, Afro-Yoga instruction, just lemme know, I’m reasonable and yours.