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NC, VA, TX, CT, and a last minute added Newburyport, MA date!!

Hi Everyone!! I can finally say that there’s a MA show added Sunday Dec 11th at Mandarava Organic Kitchen, My friend Mary runs and owns this place with her mom. It’s cozy and the food….omg.

11/11 Fri - Durham, NC 919-433-6718

11/12 Sat - Fredericksburk VA 540-373-4555

11/13 Sun - Blacksburg, VA 540-382-1483

11/18 Fri - Austin, TX 512-626-2229

11/19 Sat - Dallas, TX private thing (see? this could be you…)

11/20 Sun - Richardson, TX 972-863-8999

Tiny-Assed Texas Tour!! Hey Austin people? Quit hollerin, I’m finally coming!!
11/26 Sat - West Hartford, CT 860-635-7685

THE Thanksgiving Hartford someone bring me a turkey sammich show!!

~~~~ The VancePack. Holidays are a Comin’ so get this - All 8 available signed CDs of mine, and 1 signed USB CD player thrown in for $130. Help clean my basement of about 2,800 CDs that'r down there (thanks to a warehouse closing), and you get to gift that X’er or Millennial that doesn’t own a CD player all of Uncle Vance’s avail stuff. Lemme know.

~~~~ Coaching songwriting, voice, performance. Even coaching public speaking and presentation. Just lemme know. (I’ve had about 3 inquiries from the last mailer- I’ll get to you folks this week...)

~~~~ Short Notice Holiday Parties - December is getting busy - I have a Monday at a JCC and a bunch of Subdudes gigs coming up, but otherwise there’s still time to have me tween now and New Years…and hell, why not…beyond. I’m less expensive than you’d think. Lemme know


Ok, you get the lay of the land in most of these mailer stories I send you. They’re more about the human condition than anything else. And we could sure use some human condition right about this election eve. Someone nearly drove a friend of mine off the road the other day for doing 70 in the passing lane. Multiple stickers of the diametrically opposed party on each vehicle. Someone else I see has defaced Trump signs on someone’s lawn as I drove to the car repair place the other day. As I drove to my Nashua, NH gig on Saturday I heard 7 horns blow at people not doing lights fast enough. Saturday. Ain’t no rush hour. A guy in wraparound sunglasses a big black SUV did the rush up behind me left lane thing. I stayed Zen as I could, as he flipped me off like 5 miles later.

Kindness, sense, is in short supply. We’re a mess.

So how refreshing was it when I was flying my model planes Sunday with my rubber band powered brethren that I finally asked Doug, surreptitiously, privately, what he was doing in the booth Tuesday.

Now Doug is a brilliant man, modeler, 6’ 7” tall. Exactly my age. Dry humored, hysterical. He thinks I’m a “hoot”. When there’s a going on or something occurring with a model or an event around it, he calls it a “kittywhumpass” And I have always wondered where he “leaned”, as he has been as opaque as to that as he is transparent and equanimous in his kindness. I swear it was like finally asking that childhood friend if they were gay.

To preface, I’m sure the ACA hit him hard, as he owns a very small manufacturing business. He drives a Cadillac sport wagon (?) that sounds like a Curtiss P-40 starting up (WW2 airplane that is - look it up…). And he builds tissue covered rubber band powered airplanes.

I’ll half quoty/paraphrasey his response:

“I’ve been a life-long Republican, but I’ve occasionally voted other ways. And I’ve done a lot of homework on both of these candidates. I can’t get past her policies and corruption. And I’m an avowed capitalist, so the support of Sanders didn’t work for me. I work with folks from Bolivia and see the outcome of their socialism, and they cannot believe we were considering Sanders at all.”

"But the other guy….(shakes his head, blinks…)”

“That said, Vance, my daughter works with social services for immigrants and so many of these people now have health care and I’ve listened to her so I’ve got to take stock of that too.”

"So I’m writing in (some businessman guy in NY …)”

Someone walked up to us while we were at my car. Doug clammed up and we both acted as if we were talking about the broken float on my Fokker Super Universal that I was holding (why I flew it in this weather, I couldn’t tell you).

I never got the businessman in NY guy’s name. On this blustery day, rolling clouds, terrible for model flying. On this day this utter Lurch of a man, square jaw and all just like that, half folded onto my driver’s side seat with the door open, utterly dwarfing the glider in his hand, went along with my secret personal asking program until dear Sam walked away again.

And I listened to a friend think. And I believe him.

I believe that his business does all it can to help those that work for him. More importantly, I believe that he believes it. I found his thinking compelling. Still, I’m to the left of Stalin on many things, believing they can work if humanely instituted.
I’m also a bit of a prohibitionist, coming from a long line of alcoholics (I’ve never ever had a drink so there’s that) and crucifyingly big on free speech, even that that is construed to incite violence, so there’s my ultra-full circle conservative side.
Then there’s the Afro-Nationalist me, as for sure my diaspora is different from all others, having and knowing family that has been jailed for their color, knowing why my Grandfather was missing an eye that my Dad stonefacedly told me was probably still on the butt end of a sharecropper overseer’s whip, this overseer's final destiny explained by my father for being "the reason why Grandpa came north from Georgia”. My reasons and politics are as mixed as Ancestry dot com says I am - all over the Afro-Euro map. So yeah, race card. White deck. I’m a mix without words.

But I can’t put into words the peace I found listening to this man’s opinions and reason. I am so proud to be his friend, and no matter what happens tomorrow, I am buoyed with hope. Look at reason and differing ideas all walking hand in hand, dating each other’s older sister. There’s kindness, ten steps behind like some chaperone. We got this. Bring on the kittywhumpass of tomorrow.

peace, and I’m not kidding, xovg