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Vance Tours - But First, The Burren, Somerville MA...Then California, Then Chicago

Happy President’s Day, VanceFans!

I know, right? Because two President’s birthdays are in the same month - albeit they do be pretty important presidents at that - and some more reasons…look at Wiki about the holiday, and you’ll see how complicated it all is. State Holiday here, Federal Holiday there, let’s move it to May etc etc. All I know is that folks have snatched their kids away for vacation trips, and a few kids with moms and dads drove past me on my jog…

People are around - so there will be folks at this Thursday’s 2/23 Somerville MA, my first time, at The Burren:

Home. This show is about 2 miles away. This’ll be fun...


Other upcoming gigs below including Berkeley CA 3/4, Lancaster CA 3/4 (w/Paul Reiser), Mendocino CA 3/5, Chicago 3/8 & 3/9 w/the subdudes (they do spell it lower-case!), and ebenn moor!

Wisdem - I am pretty successfully doing for a living something I was told many, many times would never be in the cards for me. Thanks for making my dreams the naysayers' nightmare.

More shows below.