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Vance Shows In States With Abbreviations That End In "A"

Hi VanceFanz!!

Here’s a few gigs of note! Some with friends even!!

~ Yep, still coaching and playing your private party. Gimmie a shout.

~ Yep, about to record all my songs on my iPhone
so that producer people and I can decide what to do for the…(drum roll)…..

~ …...Yep, next album. Sure, I’ll come begging to you soon enough.
Same deal - Socialist FanFunder - give whatever you want, you get your name on the CD,
CD given to you as optional gift. When I rumored I was about to do some pre-production,
someone who will remain unnamed jumped the gun and sent me 1K already.
So they may get an executive producer credit, unless you…?
No pressure ;-) . Not sure what I’ll shoot for $$ wise, haven’t budgeted as yet, but I
imagine it’ll be less than 10K and very, very acoustic. And yes, I may name it Pie and Whiskey.

~ Recording? Yes, I’m lucky to live in such a way and a place that I can do that. I’m feeling that getting
thoughtful stuff into FanHands is and ever increasing way to keep tabs on, even change this world.
Much can be done human to human by nature of a story, a melody to help you take it in,
and a little rhythm under it so you can repeat it later to yourself or someone else who might need to hear.
I just defined music for you. You’re welcome.

2/14 - Cedar Rapids, IA - CSPS/Legion Arts w/Ellis Paul!
2/23 - Somerville, MA - The Burren -
3/2 - Berkeley, CA - Freight And Salvage - w/Susan Werner!

xo, VanceFan. Write me with any questions. Better yet, ax me at a show….vg

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