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Vance’sMondayNiteAcousticPajamaParty 8/9 NITE OFF

I’M TEACHING IN COLORADO!!! But I’ll be back 8/9…


Tomorrow 7/31 Goshen CT - Falcon Ridge Folk Festival One Day Event
- Pod sitting, safe, and fun. Me at 1:40. A later bonus set with Susan Werner too!!!

Sat Aug 14, Cambridge MA - CLUB PASSIM  
This’ll sell out, so there may possibly be an early show too...Craig Akin on bass...


In the meantime, lemme lay this lyric on you written as a dare/whim (that’s right Michael).
I’m looking for a place for that guy’s check to end up. Chancel? meh...
Suggestions welcome. Titles too. I’ll play it at Passim in two weeks:

I’ve swept the floors
Of the sanctuary and stairs
More times than I can count
That’s a pretty fair amount

I keep the dust pan
And the broom in the closet
With the brass railing polish
In the front to hide the bottle

I never come to daily prayer
So there must be forgiveness
Everywhere for anyone
They always leave a check
For me on Friday

I have a son
Makes his home in South New Jersey
I only know because his cousin
Calls me once or twice a year

All my birthday salutations
Christmas cards and such
Get returned and I don’t blame him
I drank away his trust

He has a baby boy
I’ve never seen but I’ve heard about
The medicine that keeps him here
And his hair all gone

So I hope you don’t mind
If I set down this dust pan
And lean the broom on Mary’s shoulder
For a moment and thank you

For the first time
If you’d hold them close
And don’t tell them it’s from me
And I’ll leave next Friday’s check
In the (???) chancel (???)
Down the hall