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Hi VanceFans,

Yeah, I know, I was just in touch, but I've got such great new stuff happening:

Firstly, in less than a month, we are about 1/3rd the way to the $30,000 goal. Gawd, I feel so much like it's Black Acoustic PBS Pitch Week...BAPBSPW, we call it in the business. Every little bit helps...Go here to donate:

Now, look what VanceFunders got this week in perks:

-Video of Darol Anger (fiddle)  

-Video of Kevin Barry (electric guitar)

-Story about and snippet of a song with background vocals by a world renowned... - ready?... Celtic singer and harpist!!

-Publicity & Radio promotion hirings (more famous people!!)

See what you get if you donate to the cause? Yay VanceFunders!!

4,000 folks on this mailing list, and 75 of you have ponied up so far, and thanks!! Don't you be wishing you was one?  Sure'd be great to be at the $20G point by end of November. There are some great new premiums!!

C'mon, gimme some money, y'all  ;-)

Thanks in advance.

Saturday, 11/16
West Hartford, CT
The Sounding Board at The Universalist Church of West Hartford

433 Fern Street

I'm Baaaaaaack...the Thanksgiving show!!! Probably my 7th. Free CDs (older ones) if you ask once there...

Sunday, 11/17
Tarrytown, NY
Tarrytown Music Hall

13 Main Street

Probably not cool to do a set of acoustic Four Tops as the opener? Or Spinners? What you think? Lemme know...

Saturday, 11/23
Rockford, IL
Mendelssohn Performing Arts Center - Charlotte's Web Troubadour Series

420 N. Main Street

Kinda hard to find on their site, but once found you're guaranteed to have fun with me in this town 1 1/2 hours WNW of Chicago.

Spread the word if you can't be there, or if you live where these shows aren't. It really does help!! Oh, while I have you, would you mind forwarding this mailer to someone you know that might like what I do?

Here is the link to more info on my site:

That link is also where you go to participate in the VanceFunder Album Funder campaign. You should hear this new album coming together. I'm doing you proud, I swear...

Thanks, and Peace to yous...


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