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Rochester, Hartford, Tarrytown, Rockford, more VanceFunder

Hi Vancefan,

I'm putting a story here, as my homepage is all filled up with VanceFunder stuff. Here's the link right away so you can get that I'm fundraising for my next album, and in about 2 weeks we're up to about $8,000 - about 1/3 the way to my goals. Pick out stuff you what or what I can do for you. If you want to, gimme some money. Thanks. I'll make an album that I'll bet you'll go ahead and read on.

Just played a wedding in Phoenix, where I was the "acoustic wedding present" for the bride. I guess I was her favorite folk singer when she lived in this area. I watched her mouth to her hours-old husband, "Boy, this guy sounds a lot like Vance Gilbert", then I watched her knees go weak during her first dance when she realized it was me. I did a medley of "How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You" and "Your Brighter Day."

Flew out, flew home in 27 hours. I'm a jet-setter folk singer. I love me.

Most importantly, the couple was ecstatic. Icing was when the staff folks and kitchen folks taking me aside as I passed through the kitchen to the rear elevator and slapped me 5 and were elated too:

"Bruh, when you stepped up with that guitar I was like 'Oh no...' but man, you was killin' it!!" Does it get better than that?

Not much, save for a wedding guest that saw me and said, "you should have seen the phones light up at tabletop level with folks wondering who the hell you are!!"

So it is like this. I made people happy that I expected to make happy. I then made people happy I had no idea I'd make happy. What a lovely opportunity, and a gift to me too.

Thanks Robert & Traci


Then I come home to headed to the studio on Halloween. So there's Darol Anger on fiddle (I needn't say more and Joe Walsh (not THE, but his son, and yes a monster on the instrument -, and it's my turn for knees to go weak.

For a few pictures from the session, go to my Facebook page:

Look, if you want video of Darol laying down stuff or of Kevin Barry the week before playing and scatting along to a tune of mine, you have to be a funder:

Gimme money and you'll soon get a VanceFunder's FundersClub mailer with a special code to get to these great clips...

Now, here's some places I'm playing that you can come see me live for real:

Saturday, 11/9
Rochester, NY
Harmony House
@ Greece Baptist Church
1230 Long Pond Road
I've played here at least 4 -5 times, and they keep having me back. Some of these wonderful places simply never learn...Seriously, I love playing for these people. Come see why. I also respectfully dedicate this evening to the late Noa Bursie, a Rochester area singer-songwriter par excellence

Saturday, 11/16
West Hartford, CT
The Sounding Board at The Universalist Church of West Hartford
433 Fern Street

Well it's unofficial...I have become the Sounding Board's Thanksgiving show. We've done it at least 6 - 7, or more times. That's official enough for me. Great sound, desserts, and people!

Sunday, 11/17
Tarrytown, NY
Tarrytown Music Hall
13 Main Street

Whatever. It's my second time. I'm so used to this kind of fame...just not... phased....oooohhh... I can't wait!!!

Saturday, 11/23
Rockford, IL
Mendelssohn Performing Arts Center - Charlotte's Web Troubadour Series
420 N. Main Street

Kinda hard to find on their site, but once found you're guaranteed to have fun with me in this town 1 1/2 hours WNW of Chicago.

As ever, if you live nowhere near these places, tell someone that does.

Here is the link to more info on my site:

That link is also where you go to participate in the VanceFunder Album Funder campaign.

Thanks, and Peace to you's...


more events at