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Winchester, Two Places Named Red, and a Boston Winery

Hi All !

OMG I’m a musically strange man…but you knew that. Come hear me:

3/16 Winchester, MA Winchester Unitarian Society (it’s 3.5 miles from my house!!)
3/23 Conroe, TX The Red Brick Tavern
3/24 Baton Rouge, LA Red Dragon Listening Room
4/5 BOSTON, MA City Winery - Boston http://WWW.CITYWINERY.COM/BOSTON

Otherwise here’s a few scattered Saturday things.

- Playtime, *my* local crafts store, 1 mile from my house, was absolutely jumping today. I overheard more than one “my teacher says that this kind of paper is good” ... There’s hope for working with the hands.

- sleeping in a flannel hoodie is cosy.

- OK, the musically strange part ... My last 2 days of listening has been, uh, rounded:

Paul Brady -

Wayne Shorter -

Chet Atkins & Dolly Parton - (steel string is *her* - man she can Travis)

Stevie Wonder -

Mariah Carey -

Fairport Convention -

Coaching, private parties, custom sock puppet painting, just contact me.

Peace and xo