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Vance from Framingham to Ann Arbor - I love what I do for a libben!

Hi VanceFans!

Thanks to the folks in CT, Eastern shore MD, and VA for coming out in minor droves this past weekend. Special thanks to D. Malakoff for the print and the letter. I am humbled, blown away. I know that’s all inside-y and cryptic, but I’m just publicly acknowledging a very private note. It changed me.

In the meantime, lookit where I’m is be playing my musics at:

1/19 Framingham, MA - THIS FRIDAY! I love this sweet place. A real Art Center!!
1/20 Oxford, NY - Binghamton + feeling at home = this place. I’ve played 20+ times!
1/26 Norfolk, CT - w/Kerri Powers! Not to be missed
2/1 New London, NH - Southern NH + feeling at home = this place
2/2 Rockland, ME - this oughta be fun!!
2/3 Pomfret, CT - sweet livingroommy feel + great food = this place
2/22 Cedar Rapids, IA - ex-town manager, all types of people come to my shows here...
2/23 Skokie, IL - Love this house concert series...hurry it’s selling out
2/24 Valparaiso, IN - it's been years since I’ve played here. Glad to be back
2/25 Ann Arbor, MI - Another Midwest home. Many model airplane guys show up here to see me.

Performance Coaching, private parties, parakeet training, just get ‘hold of me, I’m yours.

“Sooner or later all the peoples of the world, without regard to the political systems under which they live, will have to discover a way to live together in peace”. -MLK

Peace, indeed