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Vance Back From Australia, Busy January & February

Hey VanceFans,

I’m home. I saw kangaroos, big lizards, people put beets on a burger, and the song of the magpie is still in my head. Probably the prettiest song of any bird as far as I am concerned.

The tour was wonderful, the festivals on either side (Mullum and Woodford) were triumphant, and when I left it was 88 degrees and humid in Brisbane. It’s -2 after 18 inches of snow. Welcome home indeed…

Hey, anyone in the Chicago area wanna do a Vance house concert Friday 2/23? Lemme know.

Here’s the next two months:

1/11 Madison, CT - This should be fun too
1/12 Easton, MD - I love this place. 5th-6th time there
1/13 Fall Church, VA - new to me! I’ve heard great things
1/19 Framingham, MA - my backyard!! Love this place
1/20 Oxford, NY - easily 20+ times I've played here. A Home.
1/26 Norfolk, CT - I return with Kerri Powers

2/1 New London, NH - another Home
2/2 Rockland, ME - this’ll be fun!!
2/3 Pomfret, CT - my 3rd time here. I love this place
2/22 Cedar Rapids, IA - a midwest Home
2/24 Valparaiso, IN - it’s been years. Thanks for having me back
2/25 Ann Arbor, MI - Home by the big lake. Love you guys

I’ll soon be tapping patrons for the new album. Might potentially have Richard Thompson’s producer involved. Stay tuned.

Coaching, private house concerts, pet sitting, lawn edging upon request. OK, only two of those things.

peace & xo vg