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4 Big Vance Things: Colorado, Keynote Speech, Australia, and Model Planes

Hi VanceFans!!

Thanks to everyone who filled up my Godfrey Daniel’s and Club Passim Birthday shows. Here’s My Life Upcoming:

~ First, Look out Collarahdoe!! Here I cometh this week !:

Thurs 11/2 - Denver CO
Fri 11/3 - Lyons CO
Sat 11/4 - Steamboat Springs, CO
Sun 11/5 - Ft. Collins, CO

I’ll be showcasing a brand new song about a long-standing Colorado musical institution. Come see that and more!!


~ Then I am the Keynote Speaker at North East Regional Folk Alliance. You can’t come to that but I’m just bragging…


~ Then I’m off to Australia till January 2nd. (Yawn)... whatever….just another stretch in the life of an International Folk Artist…(I actually just peed just a little with excitement..again)

Sun 11/12 - 1/2/18 - Queensland & New South Wales Australia,,


~ And then there’s this. My Hobby. To be clear, particularly to those who know me well, I generally do not mix my vocation and my avocation. But a few weekends ago, after having done it for over 30 years, I was part of some beyond magical model airplane flying that I feel must be shared with the public at large. You’ll pardon my evangelism, but you’ll see why...

My Hobby:

No radios.
No motor noise.
Gently Competitive.
This. Is. Why.

Thanks to world-known visual artist Tom Hallman for the video - yes, that is a camera strapped to a rubber powered airplane for the in-flight shots. Sorry about my excited loud-mouthiness that even Tom’s magnificently placed music can’t ameliorate…

Coaching, private parties, workshops, air-conditioner repair, cat-sitting available - just ask.
Sorry no Christmas Season private parties for obvious Australian reasons. However, Valentines Day happens just after I get back. You could even be the first to have me for a Martin Luther King Day party also maybe could be too!!

xo and Peace to all, vg