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Album Release Birthday Sandwich Shows

Hi All,

Hey, look, I'm e-mailing you again this soon because I really want you to come to this, my home show...

Fri, Oct. 14th
"Old White Men" CD Release Concert - *An Evening of Unamplified Vance*
Arlington Town Hall (The Robbins Memorial Town Hall Auditorium)
730 Massachusetts Ave
Arlington, MA

...but I made a mistake in the pricing. Seems I gave the price for Club Passim members ($20) when it should be $25 for you general admission folks...sorry about that. Don't get all mad. You should be Passim members anyway, right?

In the meantime, THIS weekend, I'm doing a "just outside of NYC thing" here:

Sat, Oct 8th
Common Ground @ South Church
South Presbyterian Church, 343 Broadway
Dobbs Ferry, NY

I've never played here, and I don't know who Dobbs is or was their boat looks like, but I can't wait!! They got Catie Curtis coming, and Ellis Paul, and you know I'm just a brown version of these folks, so why not come see me first and make sure you like this music in the first place?? So, Yom Kippur will be over at sunset or so, and then you can drive out? Waddya say?

As with any and all my shows, if you don't live where these highlighted shows are and you are a recipient of these spurious communications, please tell someone that does live nearby to show up, would you?

Oh, and what's with the birthday sandwich stuff in the email title? Mine is on the 11th - smack dab between these two shows. I tend to celebrate my birthday for 3 days prior and three days hence, cause that's how I roll with the aging thing. Its on a Tuesday, and I promise you - I'm going out that day for Buffet Chinese!!!

More info on more shows, CDs, and potentially interesting things I have to say are below.