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NJ & NY Benefits, House Parties,   Big Branchburg Show

Hi Everyone!

Sunday's Turning Point 2000th Show w/The Roots Agency Celebration was terrific! Famous folks in attendance were: most of Gandalf Murphy and the Slambovian Circus of Dreams (, a real busman's holiday for them. Also popping in was Tom Chapin - yep, *that* Tom Chapin, Jordi Herold (ex-Iron Horse owner and manager from my past) and his lovely wife Elizabeth, and a room full of people were there to celebrate. I kinda rocked the house. Fave of mine was an Icarus By Night / Dimming Of The Day Medley that I totally didn't plan...Thanks everyone. Hopefully I'll do 2000 more shows.


Friday, Dec 14
The Theatre at Raritan Valley Community College
118 Laminton Road
Branchburg, NJ
call for workshop info
Well thistle be fun! There's a workshop in the afternoon too!

Holiday 60/40 Charity Parties
The response to this has been superb. Here's what is scheduled so far, with some charities listed too:

Sunday, December 16  
Doors 6PM
Party for The Bridge
Citizen Center
101 Second St.
Brooklawn, NJ
[This show, thanks to an unexpected, BIG fan response, is now open to the public]

12/28 - Friday, Hulse-Durr Party, Catholic Charities / St. Francis Hurricane Sandy Relief
1/12 - Saturday, Ethical Culture Society of Bergen County NJ,*
1/18 - Friday, Food For Free, Cambridge, MA, 617-868-2900 X307,*
1/25 - Friday, Marblehead, MA scheduled show*
1/26 - Saturday, Pawtucket, RI scheduled show*
1/27 - Sunda, Sagarin House Concert
2/02 - Saturday, Steve & Carrie Dress Up Party for Outward Bound,
2/08 - Friday, Dublin, NH scheduled show*

Shows with *asterisks* are open to the public. For promo materials, most of that can be found at

For other info on scheduled shows go to

I'm closing the calendar with this or the next mailing, so grab dates that aren't listed above. For those that don't remember, here are the rules:

1)  Like last year, (when my dog was sick?) I come play your Holiday Party. 3 to 50 people,
2)  Pay between $500 - $999, depending on party size, your means, what you feel like paying,
3)  pay with 2 checks,
4)  60% to me,
5)  40% to a charity of your choice - matching giving from your work/friends accepted - I'll post who we give to on the site, so there can be more gift matching...
6)  invite your friends,
7)  feed them, (and me...)
8)  yay....

a) Travel more than a drive? - you pay, me fly.
b) Circumference? Get a hold of me, we'll talk.
c) I have a teeny weeny sound system - usually don't need one. Let me know about the space we'll be in and we'll talk.
d) Valentine's Day - same price.
e) New Years rates $800 - 1400.

Nice chance for us to have a shindig, hear my new tunes, and do something good for folks in need. is the happening place to go to get in touch with me...

Head over to to read the new blog too.

It's the season for giving, so do something different than littering the living room...

In any case, peace, and see you at a show....


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