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10/27 Club Passim well over 1/2 sold, and it's my birthday...

Dearest Ebbody,

It's my birthday...boy, is it ever!!! Oh man, all the awesome birthday wishes on Facebook, Twitter, and by text and mail are extra-planetary, and I can't thank folks enough. Ok, I admit now - this is when social media is pretty cool - when it's all about ME!!

Know what'd be a great present? Either come yourself or send somebody you know or you think might love what I do to my Oct 27th show at Club Passim... that it sells out soon - maybe then we can add a Special Late Pajama Date late show (hah, I just now made that up...!!) with special stuff going on!! My goal? Sell this show out by this weekend...2 weeks early.

Oh man, I have 3 - 4 new songs, and a few more that will be notebook-sung; One called "Reunion", the other about a guy calling his ex from the bathroom of his current lover's house hoping to get rescued, possibly called "You Were Always The One"!!

Who's on board street team-wise to help me? Thanks in advance...


1) tell someone about Passim 10/27 if you can't make it yourself, ie busy, living in Des Moines, etc

2) vote

3) Be Peaceful in Everything

4) Happy Birthday to ME!!


Future -
Sat 10/27 Cambridge, MA...Club Passim. Sure to sell out, and Margaret Glaspy opening. You're gonna want to be part of this evening

Saturday, October 27, 2012  
Club Passim
47 Palmer Street
Cambridge, MA

Past -
The ever brilliant Susan Werner had a cold and a broken foot; I had a sinus infection with 50% hearing loss in one ear, and we were in rooms that, while staffed by the nicest people, had the stages set seemingly miles away from the audience. Initiated by her, we both either brought mics down to the audience or just went unplugged for our sets at both of our New York gigs. We were smash hits. Please stay tuned for her album of songs from the Iowa farm she was raised on, particularly the song "Egg Money". Drop dead consummate song storytelling.

Present -
A few private shows, more writing, increase in my running mileage, students, I bought pumpkins for the front door, my birthday the 11th, and a showcase in Canada the 12th pretty much outlines my week. I'm on the flower side of the daises and I do this for a living...what else is there??